Love Your Blender is husband-and-wife team Ruth and Nev, on a constant quest to create delicious, healthy smoothies.


“Love Your Blender was born from a desire for varied, delicious and nutritious smoothies, fast!" says Nev. "We were tired of buying big bags of superfoods we never got to the bottom of, and tubs of pre-ground mixes that lost their flavour after being open a week. We developed our own 'breakfast smoothie' recipe, using superfoods we liked, and whole nuts and seeds – we decided it was a waste of our high-powered Vitamix to put pre-ground powders into it."




The Love Your Blender story

"Then to save the time of opening several bags and tubs to make one smoothie, we started making up several pots of the dry ingredients in advance", says Ruth. "I'm a personal trainer and often have very early starts, and it's so quick and easy to just pop fresh ingredients and the tub of dry ingredients into the blender, blend and there you go, almost instant superfood smoothie that sees me through my morning of training".


Nev continues, "After a while we got bored of the same smoothie, and thought 'if only someone did little mixed pots like ours, but in different flavours...' - bingo! – the idea for Love Your Blender was born. Ruth then spent a few months in a flurry of superfoods, seeds, nuts, vanilla pods, rose petals, ginger root, all sorts of tasty stuff, perfecting our recipes. We decided only to work with organic-certified suppliers, and FairTrade where we could too - we want our business to be good for everyone."


"Once we launched we saw on social media that fans were using the mixes for lots of things other than smoothies - nicecream, to make desserts, in baking, as yoghurt toppings - and we realised their full potential!”


"We hope our mixes help you have fun with whole foods, create insanely tasty smoothies, desserts and treats, and really fall in love with your blender."


Nev and Ruth, founders, Love Your Blender

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